July 18, 2020

Highlights: The Five-Pillars-of-Paradise(TM) are Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social Cooperation, and Spiritual Strength. Several of our Top Achievable Goals will Strengthen and Raise several of The Five-Pillars-of-Paradise(TM). These Goals are: m

Or Google “Ideas4Humanity(TM) Official Site DonDesignJr” then search for “Pillars”.

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Our Motivation:

September 10, 2018

Highlights: Our Motivation is Paradise with Heaven on Earth for GOD (or THE CREATOR, if you prefer,) for JESUS, for OUR HOLY SPIRITS, for ourselves and our future selves, for our descendants, for you and your future self, and for everyone and their future self!
Written By Don Design Jr. World Class Design Engineer>
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