Air Sterilizing Systems Eliminates ALL Contagious Airborne Diseases!

August 4, 2020

Highlights: Air Sterilizing Systems in public buildings will ELIMINATE ALL contagious airborne diseases FOREVER EVERYWHERE! Air flows 45 degrees upward at 4 feet above the floor in a soft breeze. Every human exhaled and airborne contagion will be immediately lifted toward the ceiling then destroyed. Masks not required! Building owners will quickly install systems to reopen their business. Help save 400 MILLION lives over the next 20 years and prevent future shutdowns.  m

Or Google “Paradise4Humanity(TM) Official Site DonDesignJr” then search for “Eliminates!”

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EYE Protection STOPS COVID-19

July 19, 2020

Highlights: EYE Protection with Masks WILL stop the Global COVID-19 Pandemic by preventing COVID-19 droplets from entering the EYES! “EYES: COVID-19 Portals of Death”(TM)! Let’s get back to living inside the 6-foot circle! Let’s end this Financially and Emotionally Devastating Shutdown NOW!  M

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