Prosperity Thru Tax Changes!

February 8, 2015

Highlights: Tenants (Peasants) cut Your Housing Cost 25%, Double Your Income! Produce more JOBS, More Goods, More Services, and More income and business tax revenues! Encourage Investments In Business Rather than in Rental Housing to create TRUE (much lower) supply and demand housing prices. Then housing can be owned by today’s tenants and low income homeless or new NON-PROFIT Organizations! The building industry will get a boost as well: low-income homeless people will be able to buy or rent more NEWLY built entry-level housing or they will be able to afford housing vacated by homeowners who move UP to better NEWLY built housing. There will be no financial burden on governments for subsidizing. NO ONE will suffer, not even Landlords!
Read this Article: Google “Ideas4Humanity(TM) Official Site DonDesignJr” then search for “Prosperity”.
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