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July 17, 2017


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August 17, 2014

Paradise4Humanity.com conceives or receives, designs, and develops Ideas to improve the lives of all Humanity. We believe this fabulous World is abundant, amazing, magical, mysterious, adventurous, and exciting. The more people who believe this, the better it is for All of us!

Yes, we know there are major perplexing problems in this mortal World. We believe these perplexing problems can be reduced to non life destroying issues, and even reduced to non life disrupting issues. We have taken Ideas from several Notable Sources and mixed them with our Ideas to produce, in our opinion, the Best Solutions> to ALL the following major perplexing problems: all airborne diseases, war, poverty, ignorance, PTSD, tornado deaths and destruction, death decades too soon, high medical costs, nightmares, quadriplegics, locked-in-syndrome, blindness, total hearing loss, faulty justice systems, discrimination, unnecessary roughness in the NFL, grief, colon cancer, diabetes, fatty liver disease, limited electrical power, limited fresh water, limited transportation, homelessness, STDs, obesity, sports problems, loneliness, fatigue, depression, jealousy, fear, rage, and more.

Paradise4All(TM) can be achieved by strengthening The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)>: Financial Strength, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Cooperation, and Spiritual Strength. 

Part of Our Motivation:

Many of us believe we all have the choice to return to this World after we die. Only a very few get to choose where and who they return as. The rest of us return anywhere in the World strictly by chance. Today the odds of returning to a “good” life are very poor World wide: about 1/3 of all people on Earth live on less than $2 a day; half of them live on less than $1 a day; about 100,000 people are killed each year in armed conflicts that threaten millions of lives. So the better we can make life for everyone now, the better chance ourselves and our descendants will even WANT to return. 

Even if this is not true, it is a good life philosophy. And a few rich people surrounded by many poor, desperate people is good for no-one; this is the way the World is headed now!

Paradise4Humanity.com AKA Ideas4Humanity.com.

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Main Topics:

OUR MISSION> To strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM).
Paradise4ALL Defined>
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is not here now.
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen.
Rotary International among the Best>
Paradise from the very Beginning would have been ours, if…
Our Method is to do the CREATOR’s will.
Among our Inspirations>
Key Ideas-Committee(TM) Members>
End Main Topics.

OUR MISSION is to strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) by strengthening and raising the “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).

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Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)) are Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social cooperation, and Spiritual strength. The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)> 

OUR TASKS: To achieve or Create Our Achievable Goals>  that will increase the “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).”

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Volunteer Head Spokesperson and Sr. Engineer

December 13, 2010

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Short Summary for DonDesignJr>

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Vote For Future Articles.

May 20, 2010

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Written by: Don Design Jr.


Many articles are in various forms of preparation. Here is a list of some of the hundreds in the works. We will concentrate on the ones you vote for in comments below. Vote for as many as you want, in the order you want them. Send your list to us in a comment. You can also vote for articles not listed here: write-ins.

Added 61014

My favorites:
Creative Techniques.
Creativity Drives Me, Just Like Picasso’s Art.
Custer Died In Victory.
Danger! Then Terror! I Stepped On A Loaded 357 Magnum, And Its Owner Demanded It Back.
D-Day’s Real Purpose. AKA Why Was D-Day Disguised To Deceive The World?
Homeless Assets.
How Time, Money, Suffering, And Lives Could Have Been Saved In The Pacific War.
How To Have Safer, Fun Sex; 1 in 4 Americans Have a STD.
How To Hit A Baseball Much Better.
How To Reduce Fender Benders.
Makings of a Genius.
Meaning Of: “Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do.”
Meaning Of: “My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”
Men Don’t Talk, Because Women Don’t Listen.
My Father Guided And Trained Me And Saved My Life, Even Though He Died Before I Was Born. AKA Eternal Bond Between Father And Son.
My Lord’s Prayer.
My Serenity Prayer.
Not 1 Of 21,000 Eat Nutritiously!
Organ Donations.
Personal Anatomy Of Depression.
Say “Hello,” Not “How Are You?”
Street Numbers On More Corners! Please.
Terror! Shark Follows Below My Inner Tube.
Terror! Then Agony! Eyes Then Teeth Of The Grizzly.
The Almighty Was The AlRuthless.
The Holy Cross Of Penance.
The 19 Year Abortion.
Tragic Love Story.
Walt’s 23 Year Grief Journey.
We All Are Decedents Of Killers.
We All Go To Heaven. AKA All Our Souls Go To Heaven; Our Evil Dies On Earth.
We Love Adolf, But Hate What Hitler Did.
We See Miracles.
Why Admiral Halsey Changed His Mind About Friday The 13Th.
Why Earthquake Plates Move.
Why Europeans Conquered The World.
Why Is The A-Bomb The Greatest Invention Ever?
Why The Moon Is Essential To Life.
Why The Sun’s Corona Is So Hot.
Why The U.S. Won In Korea And Vietnam.

Other articles in the works:
A Good Man Could Be A Better Son.
Backing Up Computer Data.
Dishwasher: Rinse Daily, Wash When Filled.
Dreadful Singer’s First Singing Class.
“Drive! Drive! Or Drift… Drift…”
Emotional Pain At 12 Step Meeting.
Facing 800 Eyes Of Terror.
Finger Crushing Doors.
Giants And Bonds Are The Cowards.
How Do Flies Land Upside Down On The Ceiling?
Internet Horror Stories. AKA Protect Your Passwords.
I Watched Jaws Five Times Differently: I Watched The Shark, The Shark, The People, The People, The People Watching Me.
Keep Celery And Carrots Fresh Without Refrigerator Or Ice.
Mosquitos Live 1/4 Mile From Birth Place.
My Beauty Walk, For Me And Nature.
Rookie’s Contract: Bonus, If Finish In Top 5.
Save The Switch, Pull The Plug.
“Vacuum” Clean Small Areas With A 2″ Roll Of Tape.
What Is Better Than A Shredder?
Word Processor Techniques.
Yucca Valley, California Is Fear Factor Country.

Vote for as many as you want, in the order you want them. Send your list to us in a comment. You can also vote for articles not listed here: write-ins.

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February 4, 2009

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February 3, 2009

Our Spokesperson, DonDesignJr would be very happy to speak about any of our articles. Don is a Toastmasters’ Advanced Communicator Bronze with enough speeches for the Gold but not with all the other requirements.

We are in the process of moving to this new WordPress site. Some of the articles have not yet been moved. Our original website host, from our early years, is not compatible with today’s’ hardware and website software. This has made it difficult and unpleasant, even painful to “move backups” to our modern host.

Articles now posted, on this new host, are shown in the categories listed on the right margin.

. . If you want to read articles not yet posted, send us the articles’ names in a comment at the end of the  TABLE OF CONTENTS, and we will expedite them for you.

Articles without a By Line are Written by DonDesignJr.

Retired Senior Design Engineer>  Volunteer Spokesperson>


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The Magician’s Apprentice!

September 30, 2004

Highlight: Don Design Jr, Volunteer Spokesperson for Ideas4Humanity.com>, has been called more than a genius by a PhD scientist, the Vice President of Engineering of a Fortune 500 company, a genius himself. The VP nicknamed Don “The Magician.” Don has done the “Impossible” at least 20 times in his Design Engineering career (BS degree in Electronic Engineering). Don claims he receives his ideas by Whispers from Above.

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