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August 17, 2014

Includes and and COVID-19

RevDate: 210124=(yymmdd), Started: 121111.

We desire ANONYMITY>  Our Achievable Goals>   Our Motivation, Our Driving Force>

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Paradise4Humanity(TM) AKA Ideas4Humanity(TM), conceives, receives, designs, and Creates Ideas to improve the lives of all Humanity.

Our Top 2 Priority Goals:

Here’s How to Stop COVID-19 and End Shutdown! Using Air Sterilizing VERTICAL Ventilation Systems in buildings where people gather will ELIMINATE ALL contagious airborne diseases FOREVER EVERYWHERE!

Stop the Global Pandemic>. COVID-19 infects thru Unprotected EYES! EYE Protection with Masks WILL stop this Global COVID-19 Pandemic! Let’s end this Financially and Emotionally Devastating World Wide Shutdown NOW!

Main Topics:

OUR MISSION> To strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM).
“Five Pillars of Paradise”(TM)>
Paradise4ALL Defined>
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is not here now.
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen.
Rotary International among the Best>
Paradise from the very Beginning would have been ours, if…
Our Method is to do the CREATOR’s will.
Among our Inspirations>
Key Ideas-Committee(TM) Members>
End Main Topics.

OUR MISSION is to strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) by strengthening and raising the “5 Pillars of Paradise”(TM).

Back to Topics>

“Five Pillars of Paradise”(TM) are Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social cooperation, and Spiritual strength. The Five-Pillars-of-Paradise(TM)> 

OUR TASKS: To achieve or Create Our Achievable Goals>  that will increase the “5 Pillars of Paradise”(TM).

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