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August 17, 2014 conceives or receives, designs, and develops Ideas to improve the lives of all Humanity. We believe this fabulous World is abundant, amazing, magical, mysterious, adventurous, and exciting. The more people who believe this, the better it is for All of us!

Yes, we know there are major perplexing problems in this mortal World. We believe these perplexing problems can be reduced to non life destroying issues, and even reduced to non life disrupting issues. We have taken Ideas from several Notable Sources and mixed them with our Ideas to produce, in our opinion, the Best Solutions> to ALL the following major perplexing problems: all airborne diseases, war, poverty, ignorance, PTSD, tornado deaths and destruction, death decades too soon, high medical costs, nightmares, quadriplegics, locked-in-syndrome, blindness, total hearing loss, faulty justice systems, discrimination, unnecessary roughness in the NFL, grief, colon cancer, diabetes, fatty liver disease, limited electrical power, limited fresh water, limited transportation, homelessness, STDs, obesity, sports problems, loneliness, fatigue, depression, jealousy, fear, rage, and more.

Paradise4All(TM) can be achieved by strengthening The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)>: Financial Strength, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Cooperation, and Spiritual Strength. 

Part of Our Motivation:

Many of us believe we all have the choice to return to this World after we die. Only a very few get to choose where and who they return as. The rest of us return anywhere in the World strictly by chance. Today the odds of returning to a “good” life are very poor World wide: about 1/3 of all people on Earth live on less than $2 a day; half of them live on less than $1 a day; about 100,000 people are killed each year in armed conflicts that threaten millions of lives. So the better we can make life for everyone now, the better chance ourselves and our descendants will even WANT to return. 

Even if this is not true, it is a good life philosophy. And a few rich people surrounded by many poor, desperate people is good for no-one; this is the way the World is headed now! AKA

RevDate: 211015=(yymmdd), Started: 121111.

We desire ANONYMITY>  Our Achievable Goals>   Our Motivation, Our Driving Force>

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Main Topics:

OUR MISSION> To strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM).
Paradise4ALL Defined>
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is not here now.
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen.
Rotary International among the Best>
Paradise from the very Beginning would have been ours, if…
Our Method is to do the CREATOR’s will.
Among our Inspirations>
Key Ideas-Committee(TM) Members>
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OUR MISSION is to strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) by strengthening and raising the “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).

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Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)) are Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social cooperation, and Spiritual strength. The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)> 

OUR TASKS: To achieve or Create Our Achievable Goals>  that will increase the “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).”

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