Don’s Weekly Weight.

Highlights: NO HUNGER! Abstinence from SUGAR products and FLOUR products is the foundation of my successful weight loss and maintenance programs. Additional parts are Protein foods, essential supplements, low-calorie foods, and brushing my teeth. 
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AKA: No Hunger, FREE Weight Control!

Article UpDated: 190219 (yymmdd). Start Date: 150908.

Written by Don Design Jr.
Volunteer Spokesperson> for

Our Goal, Our Motivation, Our Driving Force>


Jump to my weekly weight chart. 

I AM HEALTHY: I take NO prescription medication! My MD told me that I am his healthiest patient, when I was under 222 pounds. HOWEVER! He is a Geriatric Doctor and most of his patients are 80 and 90 years old; I am only 71 (born 1945).

This Weight Control Plan is FREE, because all you buy is your food (and less of it) and your daily supplements, there is nothing extra you have to buy.  

Abstinence from SUGAR products and FLOUR products, and measuring concepts taken from Food Addicts> (FA) and its Program of Recovery> are the foundations of my successful weight loss and weight maintenance programs. Additional parts are Protein foods, multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, antioxidants, extra calcium, extra vitamin D, fish oil, low-calorie foods, and brushing my teeth. Supplements are vital for weight control: if even one essential nutrient is lacking, the body will hunger for food to fill that need.


I eat three meals a day. For each of those meals, I eat only enough protein-rich food to give me about 25 grams of protein (25×3=75/day). 25 grams of protein will keep me hunger-free for 4 to 6 hours. Of all the nutrients, proteins take the longest time for the stomach to digest: 4  to 6 hours! Proteins are required building blocks for replacing body cells as they die. The body HUNGERS for food, if it does not get enough protein. Women need less, maybe 50 grams per day.

Each day, I will eat about 3 servings of fruit anytime I want!

Each day, I will eat as much zero or low-calorie foods I want, anytime I want, mostly vegetables.

Each day, I will add 4 tablespoons of Olive or Coconut oil to any food any time I want. That’s 480 calories. If I am very serious, I go without the oils and eat the lower calorie protein foods. See the list of protein foods below.

I will add as much zero or low-calorie seasonings anytime I want.

Each day I take all the recommended essential supplements including multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, antioxidants, and fish oil. I make sure I have the recommended amount of calcium. I take 5,000 IU (1,250% MDR) extra vitamin D, recommended by my MD for bone and immune health. I take 81 mg aspirin every other day, recommended by my MD for my heart and stroke prevention.

Brushing my teeth cuts down on my eating too often.

I weigh myself twice a week: on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. I record my Tuesday morning weight every week.  Weighing myself Saturday morning, guides what I will eat the next 3 days.


NOT FA: Eating fruit and low-calorie foods anytime I want is not the FA way. To comply with FA’s definition of abstinence, eat only during mealtime with nothing in between.

However, for myself, I eat less my way, I eat a total smaller amount spread over 3 meals plus fruits and vegetables whenever I feel hungry. I often eat only the protein food during my 3 meals a day and save the fruits and vegetables for when AND IF I get hungry.  Eating smaller amounts several times a day was recommended by my doctor and endorsed by many weight loss experts. I believe they are right.

Grams of protein/total calories/fat calories, amount item:
22/100/15, 16oz Clams in shells.
25/150/25, one scoop Whey protein powder drink.
19/100/10, 3oz peeled Shrimp.
22/140/60, 5oz  canned Tuna fish in oil.
23/170/40, 1 cup 2% Yogurt.
21/170/80, 4oz Skinless Salmon.
28/280/120, 1/2 cup Dry Roasted Edamame (soybeans).
24/455/35, 15.5 oz Canned Chili Beans.
24/560/440, 8oz Pork Sausage.
28/640/80, 12.7oz Protein blend: grains, beans, corn, lentils.
26/700/200, 16 fl oz Chocolate milk.
Add moree: beef, eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, cheese, Baked green pea crisps.

Overweight is increased by a lack of essential nutrients. When the body is lacking in an essential nutrient, say those found in Bromelain (from pineapple stem), it doesn’t say feed me Bromelain food,  it just screams feed me food! The overweight person eats more without satisfying the body’s need for Bromelain (found in Reliv’s “NOW”).

We recommend the best full spectrum Dietary Supplement “NOW” from Reliv. But any complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement will help.

Reduce the struggle to lose weight with “NOW” supplying all essential nutrients known to science. Read more about NOW and Reliv>

I will elaborate on my weight maintenance program, if there is any interest shown by your comments.

I consider my weight loss and weight maintenance programs successful, because I reached and maintained my DECADES LONG goal of 222 pounds! At 222 pounds, my MD says I do not have to lose more weight. My pride, and a little stomach blubber, wants me below 200!

ON THIS DATE 190219=yymmdd:
Today I weigh 250 lbs. My maintenance plan has failed! I lost the desire to keep the weight off. I have, TODAY, regained my desire, due to health issues. Watch what happens next!

ON THIS DATE 170301=yymmdd:
SUGAR Abstinence Pledge>

ON THIS DATE 170211=yymmdd:
I have faulted. I have not been following my plan since 160920, when I was 215 lbs. Today I weigh 240 lbs. I want to get back below 222 lbs. I have been sugar-free since February 10th, 2017. That’s just one day, but I aim to get my one-year sugar abstinence token back. I plan to resume reporting my weight every Tuesday.

Don’s Weekly Weight:

The columns in the chart below are:
Sunday weight Week 1,2,3,4,5

Year: 2021. Health Goal: 222 lbs.
Feb 244
Jan 242,244,248,252,248

Year: 2020
Dec 248,253,248,246
Nov 234,__,240,241,237
Oct 224,228,__,__
Sep 218,218,214,226
Aug __,__,__,__,215
Jul 228,235,231,225
Jun 230,242,244,230
May 242,247,248,238,233
Apr 232,246,241,238
Mar 245,229,233,233,235

The columns in the chart below are:
Weight, weekly change, change since starting FA on 150201 at 250 lbs, Date.
230, -0, -20 Feb 23.
230, -6, -20, Feb 16.
236, -8, -14, Feb 9.
244,+10, -6, Feb 2.
234, -6, -16, Jan 26.
240, -5, -10, Jan 19.

245, -3, -5, Jan 12.
248, +10, -2, Jan 5.

Year: 2019. Goal: 222 lbs.
238, -4, -12, Dec 29.
242, -0, -8, Dec 22.
242, -?, -8, Dec 15. Sundays now.


248, -2, -2, Feb 26. It’s a start.
250, +0, +0, Feb 19. Renewed desire!

250, +0, +0, Feb 12.
250, +0, +0, Feb 5.
250, +3, -0, Jan 29.

247, -9, -3, Jan 22.
256, ??, +6, Jan 15.

Year: 2018.
Over ate, Sep 27.
230, -3, -20, Sep 26, Wed.
Over ate, Sep 25.
233, +5, -17, Sep 18.
228, -3, -22, Sep 11.
231, +1, -19, Sep 4.
230, ??, -20, Aug 28.

232, ??, -18, Mar 13. New digital bathroom scale.
I have been under my Dr. recommended weight of 222, except for the last few weeks.

Year: 2017.
221, -04, -29, Aug 15. Goal 219 next week.
225, +07, -25, Aug 8. Away from home & plan for 3 days.
218, -02, -32, Aug 1.
220, -??, -30, Jul 25.

220, -??, -30, Jul 11. New interim goal: 210 by Aug 8, that’s 10 lbs in 4 weeks.

Missed many weeks, again. I have simplified editing this post, hoping I will post every week. Made new interim goal: 222 by Jul 25.

220, -7, -30, Mar 28.

228, -16, -22, Mar 9, Thursday 9 days.
244, +2, -6, Feb 28. Will start sugar abstinence tomorrow>!
242, +8, -8, Feb 21. Will start sugar abstinence Mar 1!
234, -??, -16, Feb 14.
Feb 10 is the first day of no sugar: candy or desserts!
Missed more than 3 months!

Year: 2016.
235, -5, -15, Oct 25.
240, +6, -10, Oct 18; I know how; I just don’t care.
234, +4, -16, Oct 11.
230, +3, -20, Oct 4.
227, +12, -23, Sep 27. Over 222, start weight loss mode.
215, +10, -35, Sep 20.
205, +2, -45, Sep 13.
203, -3, -47, Sep 6.
206, -5, -44, Aug 30.
211, -4, -39, Aug 23.
215, -9, -35, Aug 16.
224, +6, -26, Aug 9. Over 222, start weight loss mode.
218, -2, -32, Aug 2
220, -?, -30, Jul 26
Months passed.
223, +9, -27, Mar 1. Over 222, start weight loss mode.
214, -3, -36, Feb 23
217, +1, -33, Feb 16
216, +5, -34, Feb 9
211, +5, -39, Feb 2
206, -7, -44, Jan 26
213, -6, -37, Jan 19
219, +x, -31, Jan 12

Year: 2015
209, +1, -41, Sep 08
208, -5, -42, Sep 01
213, +6, -37, Aug 25

222 pounds WAS my goal for many years.
250            Feb 01 Started FA.
240-260 for decades.
280 All time high.

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My weigh is updated weekly.

170801: Modified sections: Highlights:, Abstinence from SUGAR products and FLOUR products.

Added sections: I AM HEALTHY:,  This Weight Control Plan is FREE,  AKA: No Hunger, FREE Weight Control! MY WEIGHT LOSING PLAN:, NOT FA:, However, for myself, I eat less my wayPROTEIN FOODS, 1 meal:.

160216: Added sections: We recommend the best full spectrum Dietary Supplement NOW from Reliv. and Overweight and Reduce the struggle to lose weight with NOW


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Published: 150908. Posted: 150908.

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